We are a small club established in 1975. Our mission is to introduce and exchange experience in the field of making and flying model planes, helicopters and other RC machines. We revel in our hobby, although it can be quite expensive both in financial and nerve wrecking terms, and extremely time consuming activity.

The club has a strong plane section membership, growing heli section numbers, and also some acknowledged off-road drivers that compete and achieve top results at national and international competitions.

The membership varies a bit from year to year but always settles around the number 50. The cooperation among the members is enviable. The majority of them comes from the vicinity of Domzale town and some from the wider Ljubljana region.

Gusti Ogrinec, our chairman, has been successfully leading the club since 2001. He presides over the 9 member steering committee that meets once a month. All other members are also invited to these meetings and potential members who are interested in our hobby are kindly invited, as well.

Our flying field in Krtina village (follow the link: location) has a grassy strip, some basic infrastructure and is located in a beautiful, tranquil, natural environment with a small stream nearby. You can find us there on the weekends, and time and weather permitting, on the afternoons during the week.

For insight into the happening within the club and following of lively discussions we recommend our forum (see quick connections – forum DMA). The majority of our members is fluent in English, some of them also in German.

For more info and should you want to contact us, visit us or propose cooperation please send an e-mail to: dma.m.ptica@gmail.com